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Lucy Strange: The Secret of Nightingale Wood

Lucy Strange: The Secret of Nightingale Wood 1919. Henry has moved to the countryside with her parents and her baby sister, Piglet – all still scarred by the death of her brother. Alone in her head, she begins to explore her surroundings, encouraged by her only friends – characters from her favourite books. Nobody much […]

Jeff Kinney: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Boys don’t keep diaries—or do they? The launch of an exciting and innovatively illustrated new series narrated by an unforgettable kid every family can relate to It’s a new school year, and Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into middle school, where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. […]

Katherine Applegate collection

Everworld series: There is a place that shouldn’t exist. But does. And there are creatures that shouldn’t exist. But do. Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real—and often deadly. Welcome to Everworld. David’s life was pretty normal. School. Friends. Girlfriend. Actually, Senna was probably the oddest aspect of […]

Neil Gaiman: Coraline

Neil Gaiman: Coraline Coraline’s often wondered what’s behind the locked door in the drawing room. It reveals only a brick wall when she finally opens it, but when she tries again later, a passageway mysteriously appears. Coraline is surprised to find a flat decorated exactly like her own, but strangely different. And when she finds […]

Jasmine Richards: The Book of Wonders

Jasmine Richards: The Book of Wonders Pdf, epub, mobi Magic, Djinn, Ogres, and Sorcerers. Thirteen-year-old Zardi loves to hear stories about fantastical beings, long banned from the kingdom of Arribitha. But anyone caught whispering of their powers will feel the rage of the sultan—a terrifying usurper who, even with his eyes closed, can see all. […]

Anne Ursu: Breadcrumbs

Anne Ursu: Breadcrumbs Pdf, epub, mobi Once upon a time, Hazel and Jack were best friends. They had been best friends since they were six, spending hot Minneapolis summers and cold Minneapolis winters together, dreaming of Hogwarts and Oz, superheroes and baseball. Now that they were eleven, it was weird for a boy and a […]

Goosebumps collection

Goosebumps collection Goosebumps is a series of children’s horror fiction novellas created and authored by R.L. Stine. Amanda and Josh Benson move into a new house in Dark Falls, where the residents are all zombies who have died while living in the same house and are preparing to make the Benson family one of them, […]

Mary Pope Osborne: Magic Tree House series

Mary Pope Osborne: Magic Tree House series Fantasy for children ages 5-8. From book 29 onward, the series shifted to a slightly older audience; these books are also referred the Merlin Missions, though they are not a separate series. Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic […]

Childrens book collection 4

Childrens book collection 4 Epub, cbr Kapow! (2004) Ker-Splash (2005) Sally and the Some-Thing (2006) Thomas & Friends – James and the Red Balloon – Rev W Awdry Thomas & Friends – Little Engines Can Do Big Things Thomas & Friends – Steam Engine Stories – Rev W Awdry Thomas & Friends – The Special […]

Childrens book collection 3

Childrens book collection 3 Berenstain Bears – Beginner Books – The Bears’ Picnic (v5.0) Berenstain Bears – Beginner Books – The Bears’ Vacation (v5.0) Berenstain Bears – Beginner Books – The Missing Dinosaur Bone (v5.0) Berenstain Bears – Bright and Early – Inside, Outside, Upside Down (v5.0) Berenstain Bears – First Time Books – The […]

Childrens book collection 2

Childrens book collection Cbr Berenstain Bears – Easter magic.cbr Berenstain Bears and the Attic Treasure.cbr Berenstain Bears and the Substitute Teacher.cbr Bettys Sad Teddy Bear.cbr Big Boasting Battle.cbr Birds Who Flew Beyond Time.cbr Brother Bear – A Magical Journey (2).cbr Caillou And The Big Slide.cbr Care Bears – Oopsy Does It.cbr Care Bears – Special […]

Childrens book collection

Childrens book collection cbr 101 Dalmatains – Pongo To the Rescue.cbr 101 Dalmations – Rhyme Time.cbr A Mud Pie for Mother.cbr A to Z.cbz Ankle Grabber.cbr Baby Einstein – See and Spy Counting.cbr Backyardigans – The Traveler’s Tale.cbr Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble (1994) (c2c) (ICDL).cbr Barnyard Banter (Henry Holt) (2001).cbr Beauty And The Beast.cbr Belly […]